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I Love Finding Homes for “Homes First”

Trudy Soucoup(l), Executive Director of Homes First and me (r) at closing at Thurston County Title Company on the 3rd home I have helped the nonprofit purchase.

As a Realtor, I love helping Homes First and its Executive Director Trudy Soucoup find and acquire properties that provide healthy, safe and affordable rental homes for low income families, individuals, and people with special needs here in Thurston County, WA.



Homes First is unique in that it renovates and improves homes that not only provide affordable housing options to those who are priced out of the market, but they upgrade the properties significantly and thus, improve neighborhoods.

I have provided assistance with three homes purchased by Homes First, the latest one bringing their property portfolio to 37. In a recent notice to supporters about the added property, the local non-profit wrote:

“Homes First chooses to invest in scattered-site housing for several reasons. Of most importance to us is the knowledge that when people live in their own permanent home, regardless of whether it is owned or rented, they become a part of our community, rather than apart FROM our community.

“In 2016 and 2017, over 1,400 students who went to school in Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater, registered as homeless and that’s just not right. We can make a difference to those kids every day so they can learn better and live healthier lives through having a dependable home with a landlord that treats their family with dignity and respect.

“The 2006 Housing and Child Wellbeing Study by Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities shows that children in low-income families benefit significantly from moving out of socio-economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. In addition, when households are ‘anonymized’ in their community, not stigmatized by being singled out as low-income, they are more likely to thrive and to develop long term, healthy relationships.

“When our community considers the availability of buildable land and the cost of new construction, it becomes quite obvious that using already existing homes to provide housing rather than building new is not only economical, but sustainable. In the same three to five-year period it costs to develop a new 50-unit apartment complex for 75 people, Homes First can acquire and provide homes to the same number of people while helping them reconnect with their community,”  July 25 email from Homes First

Homes First is grateful for my help and recently wrote on their Facebook page:

“Many thanks to our friend Cyndi Nelson of MVP Realty Group for once again helping us find a perfect home for a Thurston County household! A good Realtor makes all the difference!” 

You can support Homes First too by volunteering or contributing to expand affordable housing opportunities and improving our communities.

Over more than two decades, I have helped hundreds of clients find just the right home or sell their current one. Through the lows and highs of the housing market and the ups and downs of home prices and inventory, the skill of a trusted adviser is essential.

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